Reading alternatives

The pleasures of reading are still available to seniors who can’t read the way they could when they were younger. Here are some options:

Large print. Type size in large print books is 14 to 16 points, making them easier to read for people with poor vision. They’re available for purchase and most libraries include large print books in their collections.

Audiobooks. “Talking” books are produced in different formats: records, cassette tapes, CDs, MP3 CDs, and downloadable digital files. They can provide many hours of enjoyment.

Radio reading service. Volunteers read the news from dozens of newspapers. It’s broadcast by some public radio stations and streamed by others.

Simplified reading. When novels with complicated plots and many characters become difficult to follow, readers can switch to short stories. Highly illustrated and simplified nonfiction can replace more technical works.

Reading aloud. Some people at the end of life enjoy having a loved one read aloud to them.

We’ll explore these ideas and more in the blog section of The Senior Reading Room.