Magazines for seniors

Birds and Blooms magazineFlo is a 96 year old resident at Mom’s memory care community who loves to “read” magazines. She’ll sit for hours in the activity room paging through an issue of Woman’s Day or Travel & Leisure. In Flo’s case, the subject matter seems to be less important than the sensory enjoyment she finds in paging through magazines.

Of course other senior readers have the cognitive ability to actually read magazines and there are thousands to choose from, depending on the reader’s interests. Many supermarkets offer an assortment of titles where one can browse and buy sample copies. Libraries are another venue where you can sample titles on a variety of topics.

Magazine subscriptions make excellent gifts because they arrive regularly in the mailbox. They’re a gift that keeps on giving.

Here are some suggestions for some magazines many seniors enjoy:

Reminisce. Inspirational life stories, vintage photos, and features covering the turn of the century through the fifties. $10/year.

Good Old Days. Feel-good stories, articles and pictures from bygone times. $15.97/year.

Guideposts. Inspirational stories about people who have persevered through adversity. $12.97/year.

Birds & Blooms. Practical gardening and birding features that relate to the reader’s own back yard. $10/year.

Natural History. Articles on a wide range of nature and science topics with excellent photography and illustration. $25/year.

National Geographic. In-depth articles about nature, geography, ecology, science and technology with unparalleled photography. $12/year.


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