Dementia friendly libraries

ACT on Alzheimer'sHow can public libraries make sure they’re dementia friendly? Here are some suggestions about services, collection development, and physical space from Minnesota’s ACT on Alzheimer’s:

  • Train staff and volunteers to understand dementia.
  • Host programs that offer meaningful engagement for people with dementia.
  • Include in the collection books, audiobooks, magazines, music, and videos that can engage people with dementia.
  • Make sure the needs of people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds with dementia are served.
  • Offer individual appointments with dementia sufferers and their caregivers to help them choose library materials.
  • Create memory boxes for circulation that include childhood toys, board games, crafts from previous decades, and local memorabilia for circulation.
  • Take library services to senior living communities and adult day care settings.
  • Make sure the library’s physical space includes appropriate signage, well lit entrances, non-slippery flooring, and a family/unisex restroom.

Looking for more detail? You’ll find the document Dementia Friendly Libraries on the ACT on Alzheimer’s website.


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