Public libraries need senior reading rooms, part 1

Children's libraryMy public library has a children’s room (pictured here). It has low tables, stuffed animals, picture books, and board games. Books are shelved low, making it easy for the pint-sized to make their selections.

My library has a teen room too with neon lights, counter seating, manga, and video games.

My library doesn’t have a senior reading room. The reasoning goes like this: the rest of the library is for adults; seniors are adults; a separate space isn’t necessary.

In my perfect world public libraries would set aside space for elders. Here are some features I’d hope to find in a senior reading room:

  • Books would be shelved in a centered zone making it unnecessary to bend down or reach up.
  • Bulletin boards and information racks would include posters and brochures about topics of interest to seniors: social security, medicare, assisted living, etc.
  • Books and media in the senior reading room would reflect the needs and interests of seniors in the community.

Watch for part 2 on this topic next week.


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