Large print … on demand

Read How You WantMost major book publishers offer their best sellers in large print editions. The industry standard calls for 16 pt type, wide margins, and matte-finished paper.

But what if 16 pt type isn’t big enough? That’s where Read How You Want comes in. RHYW offers a print-on-demand service where you select from nine different font sizes ranging from 11 pt to 48 pt. Samples of the various sizes are available on their website.

Because of copyright restrictions, RHYW isn’t able to offer it’s POD service for the entire universe of published materials. Instead, the company has established relationships with a list of publishers and created an online catalog of books from their offerings. Public domain titles are also available from RHYW. It’s not the same as shopping Amazon, but still there are several thousand titles to choose from.

In addition to large print, RHYW offers selected titles in Braille and DAISY formats. Braille orders are sent as email attachments; buyers print them with Braille embossers. DAISY audiobook orders are also delivered as email attachments; buyers listen to them on DAISY players.

Read How You Want uses the latest technology to help seniors keep reading. I applaud their efforts and wish them success.


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