Large print for low vision

macular-degeneration-3Jim has macular degeneration, a medical condition that results in blurred vision in the center of the visual field. He used to enjoy reading Zane Grey westerns and the local newspaper, but gave up on both when the words on the page looked so smudged he couldn’t make them out. The image shown at left gives an idea of what this is like.

Large print books are part of the solution for Jim. And maybe they’ll be part of the solution for you or your loved one. The font size in these books is at least twice the size of standard print books. Large print books have wider margins and they’re printed on paper with a dull finish to reduce glare.

Most public libraries have a large print section. Typically libraries budget a set amount of money for large print and place a standing order with their book distributor for a set number of books each year. The books added to the collection are usually large print versions of the most popular best sellers.

Large-Print.300If you don’t find the titles you want in large print format at the library, consider buying them. There won’t be a large print section at your local brick ‘n mortar book store, but it’s easy to order large print books online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers. You can search for particular titles and see if they’re available in large print format. Or browse through thousands of titles offered in large print.

Pricing varies, but hard cover large print books generally cost between $28 and $32 while large print paperbacks are in the $13 to $18 range. Bargain hunters can keep the cost down by shopping used book venues like Powells and Better World Books.

Molly S.


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