Welcome to The Senior Reading Room

MomIt broke my heart when I saw that Mom couldn’t read books any more. She always liked mysteries and historical fiction, but she stopped reading when she couldn’t keep track of the plot. She has dementia and lives in a memory care community.

My father-in-law can’t read books either. He enjoyed reading Zane Grey westerns, but had to give them up when macular degeneration robbed him of the ability to read small type. He lives independently, but can’t drive.

The Senior Reading Room is a resource for people like Mom and Jim who need assistance to continue reading. It’s for families and caregivers who want to help their loved ones improve their quality of life through reading.

It offers suggestions for acquiring books in different formats, like large print and audiobooks, for people with poor eyesight. And it includes recommendations of books to read aloud to people who suffer from failing health or dementia. I hope you’ll find some useful information here and invite you to contact me with your comments and suggestions.

Molly S.


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